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Unit Testing ReactJS - Tape vs. Jest

After recently switching my unit tests from Tape to using Jest I decided to write a post on some of my experiences while teaching readers a lesson on testing!

5 (of the many things) to love about Next.js

Next.js continues to be considered a “win” amongst a number of developers everywhere. (If you couldn't guess, I am one of them!) To help shine light on some of the reasons why I love the framework, I dediced to put together a series of posts on the topic. In this first one, I'm going to cut right to the chase and shed light on a few of the amazing things that Next.js makes possible.

The Benefits of Using Functional Stateless Components in ReactJS

This article takes a look at Functional Stateless Components which React released in v0.14. Since then, they've made a huge impact in the community by providing users with a cleaner syntax that allows for us to write more declarative code. To show why this is so helpful, this article will take a look at stateless components and finish up with some unit tests.